Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I made a great discovery and thought I would share it with you. I have been learning Inkscape in order to make SVG files (Vector images) to use in Stitch Artist. I use Stitch Artist by Embrilliance for digitizing embroidery.  Its one of the most user friendly programs and there are many many Stitch Artist Videos to help you get started.  The online PDF manual is full of great instruction.

Inkscape is a vector graphics editor for Windows and Mac which is free to download.

While doing an Inkscape tutorial by Chevee Todd, the instructor showed how to find Line Art Drawings with a Google Search. Line Art Drawings would be perfect for digitizing.

Remember , many of these images are not FREE...and must be purchased from the author of the image. Also, many images are for personal use ONLY and not for resale. Make sure to read licensing agreements.

This is the one that I found.....and will explain how I found it.

To search for the image, I went to my Google search engine and typed in what I was looking for.  In this case, Labrador.  Once the search came up, I then clicked Images:

As you ca see, it comes up with loads of Labradors...but no Line Art Drawings....but they are cute, aren't they? 😍  To get the Line Art Drawings, but must click Tools. 

Once you click Tools, another row of options appears.  Click Type and then Click Line Drawing.  

And pages and pages of line art drawings appear.  And there is my image. Remember....check the licensing agreement of these images.  This has been a great discovery for me. 

Happy digitizing and embroidering! 💗💖💕

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That is good to know this thanks so much. :)